Company History

PT. Pemuda Baja Raya is one of the most reputable commercial vehicle manufacturer in Indonesia, specialist in the production of dump truck body and trailer. Since the company established in 1991, we have been consistently contributing our resources in producing quality products and setting benchmarks in the development of the commercial vehicles. PT. Pemuda Baja Raya production plant located at Balaraja, Tangerang. At present, our business operation occupied total land area of 2,5 hectare. Within the area, we segregate the production halls according to the products types and production processes.

We are highly committed into our production efficiency and productivity; we believe a good product has to begin from the first process of manufacturing. Our goal is to exceed the standard of your requirement and expectation through our commitment to achieve customer satisfaction and continue improvement in product and service quality.

“We are committed to be best of the best”